Review: My Other Bag

Thanks to Rommellyn of The Stunning Post, I was able to try out two new "My Other Bag"s!

My Other Bag Review
My Other Bag Review
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I really loved the original mission of My Other Bag: a stylish and Eco-conscious reusable bag for the grocery store. Instead of forcing grapefruit into your Prada (or let's be real, an ugly-ish grocery reusable tote), this is a great alternative!

The bags are made of Grade A cotton canvas and is reusable/recyclable. Both seem study and like they will last a long time. 

This first Victoria/The Blues Tote is a take off on Stella McCartney's recent python print tote! The front of the bag features this cute design on the front, and the text "My Other Bag" on the back. It's definitely large enough for celery or a super large laptop/textbook. 

My Other Bag Victoria / The Blues Tote  Review
My Other Bag Victoria / The Blues Tote  Review
In addition, I also received the Classic Black Pouch based off the Chanel 2.55! This is super cute and would be perfect for brunch. It's low-key and super cute! I can easily fit my cellphone, cash, and debit card in here.
My Other Bag Classic Black / Jackie Pouch Review
My Other Bag Classic Black / Jackie Pouch Review

 Overall, I really liked these bags! For designer bag addicts, this is a great solution for those days you just need to "haul stuff": groceries, textbooks, or anything else! Definitely check out this brand and The Stunning Post!