TV Shows for Sci-fi Fans

I am always looking for new science fiction shows to watch. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

1. Helix: This show is insanely scary, but really interesting. The CDC is called to an arctic scientific laboratory with an infectious disease outbreak. Can they contain it? Will they be allowed to contain it? It's close in tone to Season 1 Lost (in a good way). Just make sure to watch out for the spoiler-filled ads for Season 2!

2. Primeval: British sci-fi with time travel dinosaurs and portals! It's really campy, but the characters are great. It's a nice break from the police procedurals-you now have a dinosaur catching procedural. Word of warning: The Canadian version is TERRIBLE. (Seriously, it's really really bad).

3. Orphan Black: What would you do if someone who looked exactly like you committed suicide in front of you? What if you were down on your luck with a child and looking for "new opportunities"? The first season is amazing, with twists and turns. I especially love the side characters!

4. Dollhouse: Firefly gets a lot of love on the internet, but this Joss Whedon show explores some interesting ideas about memory and identity. Basically, there is a huge mansion filled with childlike beings. Wealthy men and women can choose temporary identities and hang out with these "dolls". As you can imagine, there's more a few lonely hearts mixed in with some shady corporate business conspiracies. There are a few cheesy episodes, but I would still recommend it.

5. Star Trek Enterprise: I know this is often the redheaded stepchild of Star Trek series, but it is really great! It's a much earlier version of Star Trek (you know the scene in the recent Star Trek movie about teleporting a prize beagle? That's from this show!) and full of character development. There are still the allegorical conflicts and battles. Give it a shot!

What sci-fi shows have you seen and enjoyed recently?