Do It Now.

I just recently heard a really great concept that gets me going: If you have something you don't want to do, do it for 3 seconds. Do it before you can even think of an excuse. That time spent debating whether or not you should do something could have taken you that much closer to your goal.

What you don't need is motivation, but discipline.

(Although motivation can be pretty awesome, and I'm loving zen pencils lately! Especially Amy Poehler's Great People Do Things Before They're Ready && Timothy Leary's Find the Others)

Even and especially when you are not feeling it, discipline is what gets you to:
...pitch your business everyday money for big goals
...kill it at the gym

Discipline is what changes your identity. You go from being a "person with a blog" to a blogger, or "person with a gym membership" to "regular exerciser". 

What are you waiting for?