Don't Feel Guilty Pleasure: Fifth Harmony

I'm in a super good mood today because I just got my some great news from a friend. (You know that feeling where you are so happy for that person, it's like it's happening to you? Yeah, that's how I'm feeling now!)

Such a good mood, in fact, that I will share a recent music obsession: Fifth Harmony. Yes, the power girl group formed on TV....

Ok, hear me out. There is something to be said for having a catchy hook and fun lyrics. At least 2 of the 5 are even pretty good at singing! Before you knock it, try it:
* BO$$: The song that started it all for me. Lyrics are nearly incomprehensible ('Michelle Obama purse so heavy getting Oprah dollars' are the actual lyrics), but it's about girl power! I could listen to this all day eer'day (wait I already do).

* Sledgehammer: Criminally underrated. This was written by Meghan Trainor (All About That Bass) and the beat is great.

* Miss Movin' On: It's INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! for your heart with this breakup anthem.

* Worth it: If you liked Talk Dirty, you'll probably like this.

* Me & Girls: I can't tell whether I am supposed to sing this at a hot club or at a sleepover. Why not both?

Bonus: Another song in the same style (although not by Fifth Harmony) is Salute by Little Mix. Harder to sing to, but fun to listen to.