Review: One Day the Musical

I love musicals and am always on the lookout for the next great show! After hearing that One Day the Musical was produced by the same team as Heathers (and that there was a discount code), my friends and I got some tickets!

One Day Musical Review
One Day Musical Review
The musical follows a "tribe" of high school students who each share their trials in song. Unfortunately, the show is less of a musical with intertwined plots and more of a collection of individual songs. This led to some pacing/tone issues; for example, there is a funny song directly after a very graphic sexual assault.

The singers are extremely talented. With the exception of one female singer who was a bit pitchy in Act 1, I felt like I was witnessing the first performances of a few soon-to-be-big Broadway stars (Austin Scott & Chase O'Donnell, anyone?).

Unfortunately, some characters have a large amount of backstory (one character in particular faces multiple instances of sexual assault and abuse in the 2 hour show) while others get only a few songs/scenes. At times, this can make One Day seem more like a hyped-up musical version of Degrassi with exaggerated characters introduced and known only by their "issues".

Overall, I think this show has definite potential (a few of the songs and scenes were very funny) with fewer characters and more plot integration.

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