5 Ways To Have A Better Plane Ride

With gas prices dropping, it is getting cheaper than ever to fly. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean it's any easier!! Here are my best tips:

1. Find the best seats on the plane with TripIt's seat advice or SeatGuru. Those extra few inches will come in handy about hour four!

2. Set two phone alarms to remember your online check in. For me, I chose 30 minutes (enough time to get to a computer) and 5 minutes (when I need to be at that computer). Snag those prime tickets!

3. Bring granola bars and other TSA approved treats. Don't rely on Dunkin Donuts to have any food...you'd actually want to eat. 

4. Print out any documents you will need for the trip: boarding pass, itinerary. I know, I know, that's what smart phones are for...but a backup may save you! 

5. Don't wear heavy makeup on the plane. Even the best black winged eyeliner gets smudged after sleeping on a plane (trust): go minimal on your mascara, eyeliner, shadow, and lipstick. 

What are your best tips? Let me know!!