How to Stop Buying Nail Polish

You've realized it's a problem. You've run out of storage area for your nail polish. You somehow have three dupes of a color you don't even like!

Here's what helped me stop buying nail polish:
1. Organize my collection according to color NOT brand. Although a ton of beauty bloggers show their collections organized by brand, I have found that's an excellent way to get dupes! Instead, lay out all your colors in a line and take an inventory. For me, this was a huge wakeup call on how much nail polish I had accumulated.

2. Get rid of any nail polish that is old or terrible. This may seem counter intuitive, but it will actually help you to appreciate your collection MORE. If I know I only have high quality, awesome colors in my collection, the nail polish isn't quite as tempting. If I have to look through three duds, I am much more likely to think I need new polish.

3. Avoid any buying triggers. I know. Really. For some people (cough me cough), that's the nail polish aisle. I could find an amazing pink for $2, and rationalize it. By avoiding the drugstore polish aisle, I had much better luck resisting! Figure out your buying trigger and neutralize it!

4. Create a wishlist/waiting period. Instead of collecting random colors, why not plan out which colors you would love to have in your collection? Then, double-check to make sure that you don't already have it in your collection!

5. Share nail polish with a friend. Look out for a friend with amazing nails and ask her if she'd be willing to trade some of her less-loved colors! Sometimes what is unflattering on you could be great on her, and vice versa!

What are your tips? Seriously, let me know!