International Restaurant Show Review

This past weekend, I was so excited to head to the International Restaurant Show in New York City! If you're imagining a huge amount of free food and drink samples you'd be 100% right! 

There were over 500 booths in the Javitz Center, with everything from sausages to coffee to beer. My favorites had to be the honey whiskey by Catskill Provisions and the Reed Jamaican-Style Ginger Beer. I also want to shout-out the great people at Allergy Eats: an app that helps those with allergies go out to dinner much more easily. (My dairy allergy can get pretty annoying at restaurants, so it's great to know beforehand with this app!)

Of course, as it's a trade show, there's also a huge amount of technology for restaurants: think point of sale machines, projections, and refrigeration. 

This year, the Japan section (featuring soy sauce, sake, noodles and green tea) was much larger than before. I had my first ever matcha green tea (yes, I know, probably late on the bandwagon), which was interesting. Really, though, it was great to try so many different new foods and drinks at once!
Unfortunately, many of the presenters did not have any sort of business card with them, so it was tricky to keep track of favorites. I ended up having to ask for a flyer or anything with their name on it to remember! 
International Restaurant Show Review
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Tips for the International Restaurant Show at the Javitz Center: 

1. Come early for the best food samples! Even if the show goes all day, many booths run out quickly. 
2. Come hungry. Don't load up on breakfast...there's a ton of free bread (gluten and gluten-free) and coffee inside!
3. Bring a notebook to keep track of what you thought of each booth. It may help to know which food items to avoid in the future as well as patronize!

Saw this on the drive in to the train cute, right?
Was it worth it?

Yes! If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend it. It's a lot of fun for a Sunday morning and you get to try a ton of brands at once! If you especially like local or artisanal food, you know "trying things" can get awfully pricey. At the International Trade Show, you pay once to experience everything!