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Lean In is everywhere: women should be asking for more from their workplaces, communities, and families. While I am totally behind that, it can be a little daunting to bridge that gap on a personal level. Where should I even start?
Coursera Negotiation Review
Coursera Negotiation Review
I was browsing Coursera late at night when I saw this Negotiation class by the University of Michigan "on demand". "On demand" basically just means you can take the class for a certificate whenever you want; there are no official start times or deadlines. For me, this was great as I didn't have to wait 2,4,6, months to jump in and improve my skills.

This negotiations class was extremely helpful in discussing guidelines/best practices. If you've ever wondered whether you should throw out a price first, you'll love this! My only real criticism of the professor is his talking speed! (Yeah, I put him on double speed! I'm a New Yorker, I talk fast.)

The class also features video examples of other dispute resolution techniques, so you can get a feel for what these sound/look like in the real world. You're not left reading chapters of a book when a 10 minute video example works as well.

My favorite part of the class, though, was the practice negotiation section and feedback. Since everyone takes the class at a different time, you just make a post in the discussion forum asking for a partner. It took a couple of days, but I found a really great partner from Argentina to do the practice session with! Then, we exchanged our feedback via email within 48 hours. How many other times in your life do you get constructive criticism on a negotiation? It was great!

If you're wondering about tests and homework, there is a final, open-book exam at the end of the course. It has a ton of "a and c, but not b" type questions, so you really need to know your stuff! If you pass with an 80% on the on demand version, you receive a line on your Coursera Accomplishments page. If you wait until there is a full class of students, you can pay for a verified certificate on your Coursera Accomplishments page. 

Overall, I would really recommend it to any woman (or man) looking to develop their skills. If you even learn (or improve) a few techniques, the time commitment is more than worth it! 

Are you planning on taking any online classes? Have you been working on your negotiation skills?

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