Review: Kameleonz Sunglasses (Molly J)

When it comes to sunglasses, I am kind of a connoisseur. (That means I spend too much time thinking about them! ha!) In fact, it can be hard to find a photo of me outside not wearing sunglasses. This is why I was so excited to receive a pair of Kameleonz sunglasses from a recent blog giveaway from Melissa of Missy on Madison!
Kameleonz Review
Kameleonz Review
These sunglasses have the ability to snap different colored wings in-you get three pairs in a set. I was initially a bit concerned that this would be really gimmicky: I'd end up throwing away ALL the pieces after it fell apart on me. Luckily, the quality is actually really awesome.

I would feel totally confident switching the wings back and forth (it's a simple push button on the side, nothing hard to unscrew) and being a little tough on them. Not throwing them against the wall, but also not babying my sunglasses.

Plus, can I just say that these sunglasses are just really cool looking? It looks like a simple pair of sunglasses (similar to the branded ones that come with the name of a subway joint) but these Kameleonz sunglasses look so much cooler in person. 

So, yeah, I would fully recommend these to anyone looking for a sturdy, quality pair of reflective sunglasses. High quality, customizable, and great style for a little less than $35.

Note: This is not sponsored, I am just really really excited about sunglasses. I know.