Review: My Jewel Bar Hand Chain

About a month ago, I found My Jewel Bar on Insta and fell in love with their picture of a hand chain! Although I love jewelry, I mostly stick to the traditional: 1 earring/ear, necklace, bracelet, watch.
hand chain review
What I think of when I hear hand chain. Yeah, I can't pull this off.
That said, I am attracted to shiny things. So, my first thought (like a magpie) was: Pretty!!!! Then: Can I pull off a hand chain?
My Jewel Bar Review
My Jewel Bar Review
I ended up entering My Jewel Bar's contest on Instagram and was lucky enough to win any handchain of my choice! I went for the silver, as I am pale (all day, eer'day) and mostly cool-toned. I also felt like silver would be a little subtler, in case I felt crazy. I ended up choosing the Metal Hand Chain in Silver and Diamond.

I absolutely love, love, love this. It is perfect for when I just want to add a little oomph to a dress I have worn a lot. It doesn't stand out from across the room, but it does glitter when you are standing across a table from me.

Throughout, My Jewel Bar was awesome in terms of shipping and communication. Even if you normally don't think of yourself as a hand chain girl, check out her pieces! You might be surprised :)