Review: Savvy Sleepers

Let's get personal.

Real personal.

I normally would feel a bit awkward about posting about an item on my bed, but I am obsessed with the Savvy Sleepers pillowcase I received in their giveaway!
Savvy Sleepers Review
These satin pillowcases are super pretty. My color is Nappuccino (this coffee and pun addict couldn't resist), but there is a wide range from Pinot Greige to Zinfully Blue, Black Truffle, and more!

Businesswoman and Savvy Spice blogger Dale Janee first created the concept and product when she got the advice to try a satin pillowcase for healthier, smoother hair. Seeing the results of satin, she was sold immediately!

I too was really sold. Although I am a sucker for soft things, the pillowcase really does feel luxurious. With a lot of my friends moving in and out of cities, changing jobs, furniture, and clothes, a pillowcase can be a small (& portable) luxury!

Overall, I really recommend the Savvy Sleeper. Just think of all the time you spend sleeping and the cost per sleep :)