Review: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix

Tina Fey + Ellie Kemper + Netflix = ?? 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Review
= Acquired Taste.

I'm not trying to hate on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but I can see why it's not a gigantic hit just yet. 

Whereas Parks and Recreation had heart in nearly all its characters, Unbreakable (in the first five or so episodes) only finds a heart in Kimmy. Nearly every other character is a super awful NYC resident stereotype: the failed actor, the trophy wife, bratty spoiled teen, and the crazy landlord.

I totally expected that the "bunker/been out of society for 15 years" would be a quick, unfunny setup for the main action, but Kimmy's 2000-era insults are amazing...please never let those stop! The other comedy is ripped from NY newspaper headlines: Public school rubber rooms (I kid you not), Times Square costume wearers, and private equity deals in China. 

You know how SNL will have one funny joke, and then just beat it right down in the ground? Kimmy is kind of like a sitcom version of that- awesome in a few incidents, but the transitions in between are super long and awkward. If you are starved for comedy, those nuggets of brilliance may just be enough to keep you going.

Overall, I would recommend Unbreakable if you are in desperate need of a comedy after Parks and Rec, but not so much otherwise. Unless you love comedy and/or NYC, Unbreakable isn't worth your time.