Should I Buy It On Sale?

Maybe it's just the forums I visit, but the new advice for female fashion seems to be "If you wouldn't buy it at full price, don't buy it on sale."

While this sounds like a great rule, I think it's a little misguided. Ok, what if your current budget doesn't allow most items at full price? Should you be resigned to free t shirts you have acquired over your life?

Instead, I have a rule I use in my head: Deciding the price I'd pay before checking. Basically, I will try on a pair of shoes, and then think how much I would use this them. Then, I think about how many hours of work it would take to buy an item. A classic go-with-everything pair might be worth $75 to me (just throwing it out there); so, I will only buy it if it's $75. 

Not if it's $76. 

I am pleasantly surprised with a sale price, but that situation of only a few dollars over has come up, too. It sucks, but keep to your calculation! There will be another pair of shoes you will love, or (even better) those shoes might go on sale.

Then, a few months after you have done this, go back and reassess your shoes. Maybe those "crazy" pink Sperrys you got on sale actually look pretty cute with a lot of fall/spring outfits, whereas those "super classic" aviator shades can be hard to work. After a while, you will start to get better at pricing out these items to your own use.

Good luck fashionistas on a budget!