Something Rotten Broadway Review

You know that feeling when you have a secret and you can't wait to tell everyone about it?

That's kind of how I feel right now about Something Rotten on Broadway. After seeing a preview for $15.95 (the show is based in 1595!), I can't get it out of my mind.

I had originally planned on not writing about it so soon, but....

The more I thought over the show, the more I thought it will be a super smash. Like Mamma Mia, Thoroughly Modern Millie type of show that's impossible to get tickets to.
Something Rotten Broadway
Something Rotten Broadway

Why was I so impressed by this show?

1. It's for the theatre kids...and for anyone who likes a spectacle. If you were more likely singing "Defying Gravity" or "Seasons of Love" than top 40, you will get a kick out of all the musical theatre references. Plus, the dancing is insane in this. You definitely feel like you are seeing the best of the best.
Something Rotten Broadway
Something Rotten Broadway

2. Brian D'Arcy James and Christian Borle are amazing. I am totally biased to Brian (he could sing the phonebook and I'd nominate him for a Tony), but I never "got" Christian Borle until this show. I know it's total blasphemy but I thought he was the weak link in Legally Blonde. After seeing this, I am a huge Christian Borle fan girl.

3. The show is actually hilarious, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Sometimes, theatre shows can be more clever than laugh out loud hilarious. I can testify that I was almost crying at points during Act 2 from laughter. I don't even laugh out loud at Parks and Recreation or The Office...

4. Catchy songs and great one liners. I especially loved "A Musical", "Welcome to the Renaissance" and "Bottoms are on Top". There's also a few amazing lines you will almost (inevitably) spoil as you gush to your friends post-theater! 

5. Counterpoint. One of my favorite things in music is when there are two melodies that collide together in one song (ex. This song in Sweeney Todd). Even after studying a little bit of musical theory, you realize how hard this is to accomplish well.

I literally am so so excited that there is a brand new, original, and AMAZING musical on Broadway. Please go get tickets before they're $250 each!