25 Before 25

One of my favorite blog topics is the "101 in 1001": the 101 goals of a person for the next 1001 days. These can be anything...I've seen goals about binge-watching Breaking Bad to opening an IRA!

As I approach my 24th, I figured I would share my "25 before 25". I hope this list makes me more accountable to my goals!

25 Things Before 25
Connect with another professional mentor
Land a MBA internship
Win a MBA case competition
Finish Coursera certification
Place in a Kaggle competition (data analysis)

Internship project within Houston community
Donate blood
Read a religious text
Send Thank You notes to people who've inspired me

Write weekly for an online publication
Publish an ebook
Film and Edit a Video
Improve blog SEO skills

Run a half-marathon.
Track eating.
Practice meditation daily
Practice one pose of yoga/day

Go to a large music festival
See an improv show
Learn to ski
Become a barbeque judge
Travel to a new continent

Read Crime and Punishment, Anna Karenina, Master and Margarita (0/3)
Play disc golf
Infuse a spirit

Do you have your own list? Let me know in the comments and I will link it here!