I Tried It: 5 Ingredient Fix

On a whim this weekend, I picked up 5 Ingredient Fix without knowing anything about Claire Robinson. I'm a sucker for catchy titles and anything that purports to make cooking easier and the blood orange olive oil cake was calling my name.

First of all, I don't know about you and recipes, but...I am the type of person who tries to do everything exactly like the recipe. Mixing recipe flavors isn't exactly in my wheelhouse (yet). The last time I decided to mix flavors "uniquely", I made accidentally-BBQ-flavored pizza breadsticks. These were as terrible as you would imagine.

My cake did not come out exactly like this.
Source: http://leitesculinaria.com/20321/recipes-portuguese-orange-olive-oil-cake.html
So, 5 Ingredient Fix seemed like it could work for me. After 3+ dirty bowls and ingredients spread all out over a counter, I think that the book might be a tad overly complex. For example, instead of just cutting up oranges, there's a whole lot of "separating membranes" and "revealing piths". The actual cake, at least to me, tasted pretty good for all that! I just don't know whether I needed to separate like 91 separate orange membranes, when slicing would have been 99% of that result...

(If you're wondering, I ended up air frying the cake for another 8 minutes and it was the bomb.com.)

For her Ginger Mojitos, the proportions were much better than other ginger-beer cocktails I've tried. I also appreciated how she presents the information for adding additional flavors/ingredients in the sidebar, rather than just writing "optional".

Unfortunately, as I am allergic to dairy, a LOT of her recipes revolve around cheese and milk. I am normally down to substitute here and there with soy, but there's only five ingredients (Ship of Theseus, anyone?).

With all that said, I think I will definitely use this book for new cocktail recipes and a simplified version of the olive oil cake.

What recipes have you tried lately? Do you follow the recipes exactly or improvise?