Review: b. free Jewelry

One thing I have learned is to celebrate the little everyday things. Like, when your highlights come out exactly perfect and it's still fresh. Or when a dress you ordered online fits perfectly and looks great without any tailoring.

My philosophy is...If I feel like I would be annoyed or frustrated at a negative outcome, I really try to be grateful for the "normal"/expected outcome. If I had a really bad dye job, it would be a huge pain to fix. So why not be happy that it all went well? 

One item that fits under this category for me is the really cool choker from b. free jewelryBree in Santa Barbara hand crafted this beautiful golden-y purple choker after I won a giveaway she hosted.

Bfree Jewelry
b. free Jewelry

Bfree Jewelry Review
b. free Jewelry
Bfree Jewelry Review
b. free Jewelry Review
For these photos, to be honest, I accidentally messed up which direction the crystal should be. (If it's not obvious to you either, you need to flip it upside down from the picture above). I was really caught up in how pretty the choker was and how to photograph the duochrome nature of the purple crystal!

If you're a bit clumsy like me, make sure to handle the wire carefully. It is delicate wire, so don't just try to rip it off your head in one movement! That said, the flexible nature of the wire makes it easy to custom-size. You could easily get this piece and it would adjust for a friend of any body shape.

I plan to wear this to jazz up my plain black t shirts and to wear with my lower neckline dresses. Although I used to be a statement necklace girl, I'm ready to try the choker trend with b. free!