Review: D'Andrea Handbags: Mister Bracelet

This weekend was my own version of "Clean House":

1) Will I ever use this ish again?
2) Is it worth dragging to a new place (Texas for me in the next few months)
3) Does it bring me joy?

I know everyone is Kondo'ing...but I haven't gotten completely on board the "I love cleaning" train...yet. (Hope springs eternal.)

That said, cleaning and reorganizing does make you think about adding new pieces to your collection. I am asking myself: do I really need another neutral eyeshadow palette? Or another magazine subscription? (My gut seems to say yes and yes, unfortunately for my head and wallet.)

The piece I am talking about today is definitely worth adding to your jewelry collection, though, as it is so unique. It definitely is coming with me to Texas, too. Keep reading for more...

d'andrea Mister Bracelet
d'andrea Mister Bracelet w/Kate Spade
 Nicole D'Andrea first created The Mister Collection of bracelets after her handbag line. She couldn't let the beautiful leather go to waste, and instead started wrapping it in chains. This particular Mister is "Mister Confident" and is a dark purple.

What I really love, though, is the bright gold. It goes *perfectly* (like, I couldn't have picked a better color if I tried) with my Kate Spade Bridesmaid bracelet and other gold-y pieces. It's on a whole different level than most of the "gold" colors seen in mall jewelry.
d'andrea Mister Bracelet
d'andrea Mister Bracelet
The bracelet has a "d" shaped chain which makes it easy to fit securely. This is one of the few bracelets I can easily type in, and it keeps other bracelets from hitting my wrist repeatedly. If you type a lot and still want a bracelet, I highly recommend the Mister Collection.

The Mister is really sturdy, too. I'm not recommending you smack it against the side of a door, but let's just say, it survives and thrives. The leather intertwined is also nicely finished.
d'andrea Mister Bracelet
d'andrea Mister Bracelet
Finally, the shipping on this bracelet was super quick, only around a week from when I won the giveaway for the item. This would be great for a group of bridesmaids, as it can go really girly or really edgy...depending on what it's next to.