What I Love This Week

Ever had one of those days when you are all ready to go with your sundress, flipflops, and sunglasses? And then you realize it's still 40 degrees outside...and super windy? Yep. Let's live our own truth of it being spring!

I've already made this cold brew coffee three times this week...

Get ready for the new Macarena? Maybe? (Can people other than professional dancers perform the Juicy Wiggle??)

I'm moving to Houston in a few months from New York, so this guide to long car trips is definitely bookmarked...

This video of a dancer from the Harlem Renaissance is amazing. I might have teared up (a lot) while watching...
Borelli Designs Scarf
Just the "Mommy" part of the scarf. Baby not included with packaging

my new Borelli Designs Mommy & Me scarf will be perfect for me & my niece!

this link if you've ever wondered how reading all those Buzzfeed lists changes your brain

If you like reading letters (but never receive anything other than bills...), check out @lettersofnote!