What I'm Loving This Week: Vivian Maier and More

I have a confession: although I had the Finding Vivian Maier documentary on my "to watch list", I only ended up watching it because nothing else (cough Dance Moms cough) was on. I totally was missing out.

If you're thinking it's one of those "important" and "good" documentaries, like spinach for your brain...it's really not. It's tells the story of a woman who took thousands and thousands of amazing negatives. Now, after her death, her photos have become a phenomenon on the internet and worldwide.
Finding Vivian Maier
Finding Vivian Maier
If you really love art or mystery stories, I think you would find the documentary as 80 minutes well spent. (My only criticism would be that the people in Vivian's life could have been described more fully at the beginning. Still, that doesn't make too much difference when you have such a compelling story to draw from.)

Next up, my new shoes! Ba boom! I wore these on my recent trip to Houston right out of the box. All about these.
Nomad Footwear Review
Nomad Footwear Review
I recently got these really cute navy espadrilles from Nomad Footwear. Although cuteness is a consideration, I have to admit that my first concern with footwear is always comfort. I didn't even break these in and I love them. Also, I secretly think they make my size 9 feet look smaller.

Last but not least, I have been listening absolutely nonstop to Maudlin Strangers' song Overdose. 

It's not exactly the most upbeat of songs (did the title or artist name give you a hint?) but it is incredibly hypnotic.

Other than that, I have been really loving post-Easter clearanced jelly beans.

Let me know what you are loving this week!