How to Throw an Amazing Movie Marathon

After having a great time at an Avengers double-header screening this past weekend, I thought: why not do an even longer marathon at home? (Yes, I am crazy and I do love movies too much.)

So, get your friends over, and get hyped. It's about to go down!
Movie Marathon Ideas

First, you need full commitment to watch as many movies as humanely possible in your marathon. There will be fair weather patriots who insist on bringing up "IMDB scores" and "Rotten Tomatoes ratings". These people are haters trying to distract you from your mission.

Get all the snacks. You might be able to get away with not getting chips if you only watch one movie with a group...but a movie marathon means the works: salty, sweet, healthy (there's always one), drinks, Coke. Variety, not those 4 bags of the salt and vinegar chips only you like.

Details can make or break this type of event! Not gonna lie, there will be numbness after 6 straight hours, so think about which apartment has the most seating (not just general space). You also may want to check around if any of your friends have a projection screen or even just a great stereo system. Pro-tip: I would avoid telling people the cumulative running time unless they are huge movie buffs.

Movie Marathon Ideas
Otherwise, people will be all like....
To get you started, here's a list of some potential movie marathons...from what's coming out this summer to classic to cringe, I hope to have given you some ideas! Let me know if you have marathoned any of these and any more you'd suggest!

Movie Marathon Ideas
Next Installment Coming Soon...
-Jurassic Park (3 movies)
-Mad Max (3 movies)
-Star Wars (7 movies)

-Jason Bourne (4 movies)
-Die Hard (5 movies)
-Bond (23 movies, 3 with Daniel Craig)

-Step Up (5 movies)
-Bring it On (5 movies)
-Cruel Intentions (3 movies)

-Scream (4 movies)
-Evil Dead (4 movies)
-Halloween (too many to count)

Worst Movies (Think The Room, Son of the Mask, Water World)
Film Classics (Maybe The Apartment, Rebecca, Dr. Strangelove)
Audrey Hepburn/Marilyn Monroe (you can't go wrong...)

Do you have a movie marathon suggestion? Tell me in the comments!