Links I Love

Alex shares her ideas of what activities you should try alone! I went to my first concert alone about four years ago and I was so nervous about it! My only tip to add on would be to figure out the safety situation afterwards. Going to a restaurant alone and leaving in the middle of a city at 9 pm is way different than a venue at the outskirts of a city at midnight-1 am.

Just bookmarked this article Visit Three Countries on One Ticket that I found through Mackenzie Horan! I had known about small layovers (9-12 hours so you can pop your head outside an airport) but didn't know you could see another "bonus" city! Bonus jonas baby.

This week, I accidentally got stuck in a loop of "1 hour" music videos on Youtube on autoplay: ie. Love Me Like You Do ~20 times in a row. It's good if you need to get uber-focused but makes you seem like a crazy person. #Tradeoffs

What are you reading/streaming/doing this week? Let me know!